Thursday, March 3, 2011

Name Change

I know... I know, I was supposed to take my happy ass to bed.

I was in the army wives group I am apart of on facebook (don't laugh at me, yes I caved and 'talk' to army wives ;) ) We were discussing names for children and I really got to thinking.... then talking to Dan.... then googling.

Now just to ask my first born.

I want to change Cassidy's name. I want to change it from Cassidy Mae to one of these options

- Cassidy Katherine
- Cassidy Elizabeth
- Cassidy Mae Katherine
- cassidy Mae elizabeth

My reasoning is because of my mom. I haven't mentioned it on here but my mom is very sick. She has stage 4 cancer through out her body. She is strong (and a stubborn bitch) so we know she can kick cancers ass!

When I was pregnant with cassidy, I was young. No one liked the names I picked for her. Her name ended up coming from my grandmother and husband talking. I just caved. Honestly, I hate her name. I wouldn't ever tell her that but it sounds so down south backasswards to me.

I wish then, I had not let my bitch ass grandmother- Lois! brainwash me.
My daughter should have a part of my mothers name.

I've pulled up the procedure to do this. It might be a while to do it, but as long as cassidy is okay with it, I'd like to change it. Plus cassidy is mom's favorite grandchild (Shhh! We aren't supposed to talk of it ;) )


  1. A "do over". :-) I think the reasoning behind the possible change is a very nice sentiment.

  2. I concur w/ Dawna and I'm bias w/ Elizabeth ! That's mine and Keana's as well ! LOL