Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 5... And it isn't so bad

Well today marks the 5th day that we've been in Italy.

Things I've figured out:
- It rain's... there isn't anything you can do about it. So I took my kids to play in the rain. It was nothing the wash machine and a warm bath couldn't fix.

-AFN sucks. That is also who my husband will be working with. So he gets to hear me complain about it. Or just not watch it and go online.. which brings me to...

-Most sites you can watch in the US you cannot here. UNLESS you are tricky like this girl right here. I figured out a way to by pass their nonsense and now I get my american tv shows whenever I want :)

-Italians are rude. American's stationed here not so much. Actually, EVERYONE... and I mean EVERYONE I've met while being stuck in the hell-tel have been amazing. At first I would refer to her as 'the receptionist'... well now it's Maria. She is such a doll. I talked to her in passing going in and out of the hotel. She gave me her cell number and email. And even took me to register my kids in school today. As well as to the mall! She is no longer the receptionist, she is a friend! The AFN family has been great too! When we first got here they had set up our room with goodies bags for all the kids. Wine and wine glasses for me and Dan. A laundry basket to include everything under the sun as well a gift card to the px to get us started off here. What other unit in the army do you know that would do that? Then invite us to take a tour of the station. Invite us to lunch (which we had to pass on because we were still very jet lagged) and ask everyday how we are... how we are adjusting. If there is anything they can do for us. And they aren't fake. You can see it in the way they talk.. their body language. They are just generally nice people! I think we might have just lucked out in the 'unit' dept.

-DOD schools are the most unorganized system going. But it's okay. My kids will not be out of school forever! Actually they go on Thursday. Kaiden getting into Sure start (their preschool) is like pulling teeth. The fact that he has an IEP did not help him. Ya know what did? Never in a million years would I have thought that this would get me somewhere, but it did today! If the students parents were teenage parents you get a 'point' towards eligibility. Or if you have children close in age that is also a 'point'. You've got to be kidding right? I don't brag that I had my oldest daughter when I was 17. If you speak to me, not many people would guess I am as young as I am. Most of my friends are 30 years old or older.

-Vicenza is the most family oriented place I have ever encountered since Dan's joined (any branch) the military.

-Inprocess- it just sucks in general. But you only have to do it once at each duty
station then it's over, thank goodness.

-Hating it here- I am NOT the only one who 'hates' it here. Or is not impressed with the area. However together all of us haters can have a club and make the best of the years we have to stay here :)

-Shopping- If you like to shop, this is the place for you. I love to shop. I am glad I stashed some serious cash for this occasion... I'm going to need it!

-Housing- it WILL be the most awful experience here. But once you are past it, you'll be fine. If you can make it though the housing process you can make it through anything. Getting a house here is not like getting a house in the states.

-Delivery- YES! Vicenza had delivery. We ordered in food for the whole family. It cost us 53 Euro =$74. And trust me it was not fit to feed a king. It would be something you'd order at your local tex-mex/pizza hut combo place. HAH! I am not kidding.

-Cell phones- They are CHEAP here! holy cow! The US needs to come up with some of these plans there!

-Candy- Man I am all candied out! I have tried everything and I am so sick of chocolate it isn't even funny.

-Coca/pepsi/soda/pop- It doesn't taste the same here. Good luck finding pepsi, they do have it at the com. but it's usually sold out. coca cola is the way to go. And IT DOES NOT taste the same as the states.

-Being yourself- I've always been one to be me and not change for anyone. I intend on staying who I am forever. Italians wear black. All black, must be the Mob part of them. HAHAHA! So, my pink hair sticks out. As well as my clothes. Do I care? No! Will I care? No! If they are happy with who they are and I am happy with who I am, what does it matter? I can't climb mountains in the high heeled boots they wear to climb mountains. Nor will I walk miles of markets in stilettos. I like my flippity flops and I am going to wear them like there is no tomorrow.

The 3 years may not be the best 3 years of my life. Or the worst. It's all a learning experience.

I did take a leap today and at the local italian market I got some food to just try. I am being open minded and positive! And.. it wasn't my favorite. But it wasn't dog food either. Just don't get the pizza with the 'brown looking noodles' on it, It is actually horse. GROSS! LOL


  1. I hope you enjoy your time in Italy I was there 10 years ago but only for two weeks. I loved paprika chips they were really yummy.
    New follower I hope you'll check out my site http://andweareoffto.blogspot.com/

  2. I've had that drink before it's liquor right? What is it called?
    following you. If you can please follow.

  3. I am so glad it's starting to look up for you! The AFN Family seriously does rock, I have worked with them down here in Aviano and let me tell you they are truly a great group of people.

    I wear flip flops until it gets too cold here and that will happen for you next winter :P I have very much started to dress like them though as Old Navy, Gap and stuff online can only get you so far.

    Are you serious about the pizza with the 'brown looking noodles' on it, that is actually horse? Oh hell no...lol.

    Once again I am glad you are adjusting it will take some time but eventually might even catching your self saying you love Italy...just not the base. Oh and btw see if one of those wonderful AFN peeps can take you to Nove...you will/I hope you will love it!

  4. Nataly, the liquor is Sheridan's. We got it on a cruise to the Bahama's and loved it but I couldn't find it in the states. To find it here just made my day!

    Juicy- I couldn't have asked for a better 'family' to come to here at Vicenza. After the company we left I wouldn't have ever thought there was actually a decent group of people in the army. I was wrong! I did get a nice italian sweater at the market. I am just not a fancy pants so I am going to have to get my mom to shop for me or something or I will end up dressing like them too. EEK! lol.

    I Am very serious about the horse meat on the pizza! No joke! So watch out.

    I've heard about Nove but can't remember what I've heard. I have so much information flowing towards me, trying to take it all in and actually remember it correctly is a bit difficult. My note pad ran out of paper. HAHA!

    I am making an IKEA trip this saturday with a friend. And we begin house hunting today! I am so excited, especially because we get to go private lease!

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  6. Hi there! I found you on the blog hop. I love your writing and your design. I am a French Mum living in London, and like you I am struggling with the natives...Keep blogging!

  7. I am sorry you are not happy with everything there! I also live abroad (in Germany) and life can be a challenge for sure :) I hope it gets better for you there. Stopped over from fab friends Thursdays. Have a good one!