Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garmisch, Germany

We went on a 3 day trip to Garmisch, Germany. We stayed at Edelweiss Resort and lodge. It was amazing. I love Germany. It's way better then Italy. Cleaner, the people are nicer, and just the atmosphere is just different. I would live there over here any day! We are already looking forward to going back.

Stopped at mcdonalds in Austria. Can you believe boston at age 3, had no clue what the golden arches were. We don't eat fast food lol.

In Innsbruck Austria
playing at the resort

On our way to Zugspitze
Taking the cable car up to the TOP OF GERMANY! highest point in germany at 9718 feet above sealevel. and 5728 feet from the actual ground level

This side is Germany

This side is Austria!

Verona Date

We had 8 full hours kid free this past Saturday so Dan and I went to Verona. I haven't been since the first weekend we got to italy and Dan has never been. Dan did some research and found this amazing restaurant he wanted to try out and we just basically trotted around the city doing everything we could. I am going to do a separate post with a review of this restaurant, as it deserves a post on its own!

After hitting Verona we stopped by Soave Castle a medieval Castle built in 934, however the walls that you see today were built in 1379.
The Arena

View from top of Arena

Dan and I on Juliet's balcony

Letter's to Juliet

Juliet's balcony from below
Soave Castle

View from top of tower seen above.

Family Bike Rides

Every since Easter we have done a nightly family bike ride around our little Italian neighborhood. We've explored roads we've never been down. We found a dead end road that the kids can have free reign on. The first night we met a sweet kitten down there. It also has the perfect view of the Alps. Then we head from that road to the park we found the first night. The kids play for 30-45 minutes and then we head home. It is a really great time.

The dead end road.

One of the most beautiful houses in my town.
The kids love this spinning thingy at the park
So does daddy.
I had to get on the spinny thing and take a picture of the girls faces. It makes me dizzy just looking at this pic lol
Brianna doesn't look too good. HAHA

Easter 2012

The easter bunny was very generous this year. Bringing baskets, hiding eggs and leading the kids.. and mommy and daddy to 6 brand new bikes and a kid towing trailer just in case. How lucky!

We have since have nightly bike rides around our neighborhood each night after dinner.

New bikes!
The eggstraviganza on post
The bunny was tickling boston's neck haha
I think this might be the last year we have 'believers'.. Cass will be 10 in 2 months. It's almost time.

Venice Carnevale

Carnivale! The biggest event all year in Venice. I got invited to go by two friends. What a hoot! We ate at hard rock and just walked... and walked.... and walked... and walked. They jumped in pictures with random people, danced their way through crowds. It was a blast!

Some of the people dressed up
Myself and Alex
The people

Alex and Linnea getting their picture take with strangers :)

Mom's birthday Recap

Back on January 20th, we celebrated my mom's birthday I posted a picture of The rose i got her. But never really said what we did.

Dan got the cake for me as a surprise. I went and got balloons to release up to her. It was really nice. Until... my kids started to sing happy birthday. I cried. Dan cried. We all cried. It sucked, in a weird not bad, not good way.

Me sending a balloon up to mom with the kids. *iphone photo bad quality*
Kids sending balloons off
The cake <3