Sunday, May 27, 2012

Guess where...

We went for a mini vacation?

I can wait to share our experience

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cascata, Varone

Today for mothers day we ventured out to a waterfall. A cavern carved out for more then 20,000 years, the waterfall comes from Lake Tonne. Drops 100 meters. Beautiful place!

*Mothers day was bad... Really bad!!! The waterfall was pretty but the day over all was not good, Shall explain that tomorrow as it's already very late and today was a long day.*

Lake Garda North

The Large waterfall

Villa Sceriman

Otherwise known as Vo' around Vicenza.

A local winery located 30ish minutes from post.

Many great wines. And perfect atmosphere. Even children are welcome!

Our stash :)

Adleboden, Switzerland

Myself and 8 other adults accompanied my girls scouts, 31 girls, to Adleboden switzerland. We visited Our Chalet, one of the world centers for 3 days. Amazing place!

The rainbow in the Chalet yard after the worst wind storm since 1962
One view from the Chalet
Another View
The italian/swiss boarder
Lake Como, Where George Clooney has a home

Meet my new babies

We got two new family members. Bianca and Cassio. Named after the characters from Othello. We were trying to stick to the italian theme. They are 6 1/2 weeks old

She looks evil here, she really isn't. I hid them in my purse and took them to dan's work hahah!

Villa Pisani

The most beautiful Villa EVER!

We had an date day there two weeks ago. They have a labyrinth maze. It's claimed to be one of the most difficult in the world. I made it through first! Go me!

It's very relaxing, quite and beautiful. Perfect date day!

Located in Padova.

Here are a few pictures (I have many many more)

This is actually the stables at the Villa.
The maze
The tower in the middle of the maze
Dan and Myself, the villa is behind us
Spiral stairs we found venturing through the woods.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Military Spouse Appreciation day. So what?

Ok, Maybe I am just PMSing. But I don't get the whole Military spouse appreciation day deal.

I've been a military spouse for 10 years, I don't think anything of it. I am a wife, I am a mom... My husband just happens to be in the military.

I don't wear Army wife clothes, or even own anything that says army wife. It's not that I am not proud of my husband I am.

I just think of his job as any other.

If your husband was a plumber, you going to put a I love my plumber sticker on your car? Electrician? Garbage man?

When is fishermans wife appreciation day? Hey, Have you watch the crabbing show.. it is dangerous!

And Electricians job is dangerous. Many other jobs take husbands away from time to time. Many other jobs are dangerous.

My husband chose to join the military. Just like he chose to pursue a degree in accounting prior too.

I am a wife and my husbands job is to be a soldier. To me, it's really not a big deal. I don't feel like we need an appreciation day or to be labeled.

And I don't think you get bragging rights as a military spouse, mom, sister, etc. And you/we sure as hell don't need to be given special treatment of any sort. We chose this life, we weren't forced into it.

I hate when people tell me thank you. Thank you for what? I don't do anything.

*Let the bashing begin, I'm ready for it!*