Italian Bucket List

This is inspired from This Post
Go to Al Portego ( a restaurant i drive by daily and have for 2 1/2 years, but have never gone)Did this Feb 6th, 2014
Go to the Mensa on post (Did that after 2+ years)
Try Prosciutto & melon (Did that yesterday)
Go to Auchan
Get a Demijohn Got two!
Learn to make pasticcio and gnocchi from scratch
Learn to make ragu
Have a real conversation with my landlord without playing charades
Go to Bassano Del Grappa My new favorite town
Go to a Concert in Milan
I don't have a ton of places on my MUST see list. I just went to paris last month. It was awesome. Greece & london are the only two left on my list but I wouldn't be terribly heart broken if I didn't get there.

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