Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fun Facts about Italy

Who doesn't love useless facts? Here are some about Italy...
1. The Vatican is a separate sovereign nation, its own country. I've been there!
2. Italy is slightly larger than Arizona.
3. Italy is the eighth most visited country
4. The average Italian consumes 26 gallons of wine a year
5. Italy’s national dish is pasta.
6. Italy’s national flower is the Lily.
7. Everyday 3,000€ gets tossed into the Trevi Fountain.
8. The average consumption of pasta in Italy is 25 kg per person per year.
9. The highest point in Italy is Mont Blanc, in the alps at 15,770 feet.
10. Venice has over 400 footbridges.
11. The ice-cream cone was an Italian invention
12. The area is 116,346 sq mi
13. Italy surrounds two of the world’s smallest countries
14. Italy is the most earthquake prone country
15. Italy is largest wine producer in the world
16. Italy has the twelfth highest life expectancy in the world in 2012
17. Italy has the third-largest gold reserve in the world
18. Garda is the largest lake in Italy at 142 sq mi
19. An Italian wrote the famous Pinocchio story
20. Almost 20% of Italy’s population is over 65 years old

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