Sunday, August 18, 2013


Malta, what a trip! My life long dream of swimming with dolphins came true. My girls even got to swim with them. I wanted to cry. I couldn't believe it was happening. The dolphins didn't feel rubbery like I thought they would. It was the best hour of my life.

The island of Malta was so stinking awesome! To spend a week there, we were very lucky. We ate local food, wandered around like we owned the place and went to popeyes village (where they filmed the robin williams popeye movie) and spent an entire day there.

The public transportation was beyond easy. And the Island isn't huge but big enough to have to use the buses! We would never drive there, it's insane! Valletta is a great city, we ate at La Mere, the food and service was perfect. We went to the blue grotto and went through the caves via boat. The water was a color i've never seen before.

The island as a whole was super inexpensive and a wonderful adventure!

We never wanted to leave. And have plans to go back as soon as we can.

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