Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Real Disney Castle

When we went to Garmisch last year we decided to take the journey to the real disney castle (the one the disney castle was modeled after), Neuschwanstein Castle. It was amazing! In order to take a tour you buy your tickets at the base of the hill and then you can either walk or take a horse & carriage ride up the hill. The tours are time slotted- Don't be late! We took the kiddo's in, and being a family full of Amazing race fans, we of course were checking out the places we saw on the show in more depth. What I disliked the most is all the renovations. Why can't people let things be? I understand somethings need to be renovated but seeing women behind the glass stitching at some cloth annoyed me. It's old.. it should be raggity and not pretty. Let history be history. We got some delicious pretzels and headed to back to garmisch after our hour tour. Well.. left right after getting a photo for our Christmas card in the prime location!

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