Monday, August 12, 2013

Medieval times

None of our family had ever been to a medieval times before. We tried to go once in DC but it didn't work out. So one day we decided to hit up Movie land, the water park and eat at Medieval times. It was a blast! The food was awesome! They gave us a whole chicken, some kind of bread, the best soup i've had in my life, warm apple pie.. and i think I forgot something. The kids enjoyed eating with their hands, banging their cups and plates and not having a care in the world. Best part.. Unlimited wine for Mom! All for just 29 Euro per adult, 19 euro per kid, Which also happens to be cheaper than in the states! We did not leave hungry that is for sure! And the best way to end a long day at the water/amusement park! We cannot wait to go back.

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