Friday, August 16, 2013

Hot springs in Padova

For our 10th wedding anniversary dan set up the day. He got a babysitter, made reservations and told me nothing. I mean nothing! We get to this hotel and from the front it didn't look to wonderful to be honest. We go in and I find out its an all inclusive hotel, spa, resort. It had many sauna's, showers, outdoor natural spring water pool, indoor pool, jacuzzi, massage areas and an amazing 5 star restaurant. Who knew the view on the other side of the wall would be what it was? One of my dreams was to go in a hot air balloon, as we know we did that for our 9th anniversary and that did not go over well. HA! But on this day there was a hot hair balloon festival in padova and as we sat on our balcony hundreds of balloons took off and flew right over us. I was in awe! We relaxed, well I tried too. I don't sit and do nothing very well. HAHA. We really enjoyed each others company. The one night at this hotel all inclusive for 2 people was 500 Euro. YIKES! However, since it did mark 10 years and dan planned it (that never happens!) I couldn't complain at all! The picture above is the outside pool area, it was beautiful.

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