30 before 30 List

I have thought long and hard about this list. These are 30 things I want to see/do/experience before I turn 30 years old. I know life doesn't stop at 30 but actually the 30 before 30 list is very popular.

Find my childhood best friend
See the leaning tower of pisa
Go to NYC & see the statue of Liberty
Swim with Dolphins
Go to the Bahamas
Go to the Eiffel tower
Have $10,000 + in my savings account for 3 consecutive years
Go to the Med. sea
Go to the Adriatic sea
Go on a cruise
Go on a hot air balloon ride
Go on a road trip with the husband without kids
Go zip lining
Participate in a cancer fundraising walk
Snowboard the Alps
Go to Africa
Try lamb
Try tofu
Go on a girls trip
Get front row tickets to a concer
Visit a castle
Go Skydiving
Visit 15 different countries (Italy, United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Morocco, Spain, France, England, Portugal, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Vatican City)
See Rome
Pay for the person behind my car in the drive through
Make amends with my inlaws
Learn count in 5 languages- currently know 5.
shoot a gunDid this in Georgia, Feb 2014
Feel an Earthquake
Have visited 15 US states (doing something in each state, not just driving through)- (New york, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, South carolina, North carolina, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Massachusetts, illinois, New Jersey, West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee)