Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garmisch, Germany

We went on a 3 day trip to Garmisch, Germany. We stayed at Edelweiss Resort and lodge. It was amazing. I love Germany. It's way better then Italy. Cleaner, the people are nicer, and just the atmosphere is just different. I would live there over here any day! We are already looking forward to going back.

Stopped at mcdonalds in Austria. Can you believe boston at age 3, had no clue what the golden arches were. We don't eat fast food lol.

In Innsbruck Austria
playing at the resort

On our way to Zugspitze
Taking the cable car up to the TOP OF GERMANY! highest point in germany at 9718 feet above sealevel. and 5728 feet from the actual ground level

This side is Germany

This side is Austria!

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