Thursday, March 3, 2011

Last night in NY

The day has finally come! I am in disbelief! 8 months ago we came down on orders. It feels like it was yesterday! So much crap dealt, stress, yelling at people, telling people off, calling the pentagon, calling random Majors, ignoring people, and flat out bitching... we've made it, (i think).

Since our visa's aren't making it up here in time. We have to go to NYC to pick them up at the Italian consulate ourselves. This better not get jacked up.

Tomorrow morning around 8 we are hitting the road to New Jersey where we will stay until our flight leaves on the 9th.

I am still not nervous. But I will tell you my final words "I will NEVER EVER do a pcs overseas again' next time my husband can go a la solo. I will stay for an extension, but I will not come back to the states and have to deal with this bologna to go back over, ever, ever, ever, again. I will elaborate more when I do not have a raging headache from today's events :)

Next time I get to post, I will be out of NY.

As I look at Ft. Drum in my rear view mirror, it is one place I am not saying "See you later" to.... it is really good-bye! I am not coming back here. If hubby gets stationed here again I will live at the PA boarder. LMAO

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