Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Since coming to NJ, we've taken advantage of eating at so many places we've either never eaten at or haven't eaten at since we lived down south.

Eating out is very costly for a family of 6 for 5 days. HAHA! But the experience is so worth it and having the experiences is why we saved to be able to enjoy ourselves.

Last night we took the kids to Joe's crab shack. This place was amazing! The atmosphere was great! The staff were ever so pleasant and the kids were extremely well behaved!

I would highly recommend going to a Joe's crab shack if you ever have a chance!

I'm a hot mess! So lets pretend this picture is not here lol


  1. We love Joe's too. Sooo good!
    It is expensive, but worth is since you won't be having "American" food for a while. :)