Monday, March 14, 2011

90 hours and counting up or down?

So I've made it 90 hours in this nasty polluted, smog filled, rude people infested country. GO ME!

Now now, don't worry this post is not going to be 100% negative.. only maybe 95% today! ;)

I went to the market yesterday! I love love love the street market! I am a shopper so I was completely in my element. I met 4 new ladies (and a husband). They were all very nice and welcoming. As well as informative.

I got some real Italian pastries. They were very delicious. I was also able to go get myself a local cell phone so that I can cut the global plan on my verizon phone here soon. It's not a bad phone, I am really impressed with it actually.

Then today rolls around. Dan has a briefing about whatever. All I want is a house. I need a place to put my kids! My kids need to go to school. He comes back and says a whole bunch of nonsense I didn't need to hear. So, we made an agreement. IF.. IF the army tries to stick our family of 6 in a 3 bedroom house, then Dan is going to finish this tour alone (all 3 years) and the kids and myself are flying back to the states next week. If I have to live in this nasty country for the next 3 years, the least the military can do is make it semi-comfortable for us.

I walked outside my Hell-tel room today and much to my surprise the smog and nasty pollution wasn't bad. You can actually see mountains! I'd love to share picture with you, however I am not allowed to take pictures on post. For some unknown reason Vicenza is like top secret however all those war zones and COBS and FOBS in afghanistan and Iraq are not. I can't wait to find out why its so top secret ;)

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  1. Wow, I'm surprised to hear that Italy is smoggy and gross. It seems like such a beautiful place in Under the Tuscan Sun, lol. I guess it depends on where you go --> or Hollywood is romanticizing the country. I'd still like to go to Italy one day, though. I'd at least like to see what it's like for myself. Hopefully things will work out for you and your family. I would hate to hear you that you'd have to be a majority of the next three years without your husband, but six people in a three bedroom house would probably be just as hard. I hope it all works out.

    Lauren, LBS