Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love Thy Neighbor

I've had some pretty awesome awful neighbors. When the last bachelor pad group of soldiers made their exit we were blessed with the "K" family. By that point I was determined I hated my neighbors. Not just them but anyone who moved within eyeball distance from my front door. Hated them. Didn't want to know them and was willing to give them a piece of my mind at any given time. I'll never forget the gift Mr K gave to us shortly after moving in. A watermelon that was filled with liquor. Oh man that was awesome. I knew from that point that I was going to like these people! It took some time to talk on a regular basis. I think both sides of 'the wall' were feeling each other out. Which was fine! After some time we really got to talking. Sat outside with our kids. I even hired on the teenagers to watch my kids occasionally.

over the past year and a half we've become pretty close. I'm never good at goodbyes or see you later's for that matter. So when the times comes friday I am going to try and be sly about it lol. Plus I have a little something up my sleeve.

Mrs "K"'s husband is currently deployed. When we came down on these orders I felt really bad. At that time, she didn't really talk to anyone other then me. I knew that is what she wanted and she was 'ok' with it. But if I left her she wouldn't have anyone. I was more sad for her then anything else. In the 8 months since the orders came down she has opened up more and I feel better about our parting. Plus I am leaving right at the time that she is keeping busy getting ready for the redeployment!

Last night we decided on doing a small going away dinner. We went to a hibachi restaurant. She's never been. We enjoyed a scorpion bowl. Oh my, sooooooo good! And it gave her a place to take hubby when he returns home.

It's really a 'see you later'... cause she isn't lucky enough to get rid of me forever!


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  2. Yeah... and I don't think it ever came through... I think I miffed it up, but... yeah... you quite nearly made me cry with this one. :-) The welling of eyes doesn't count... unless they fall. lol