Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Looking for help!

I am wanting to redesign my blog! I usually always go to my friend Jeannie of Jeannie Reeve Photography and she does AMAZING, but from what I can see, her business is booming and she has 3 children and a husband that keep her life busy as well. I didn't want to 'bother' her with my silly little blog redesign. I am just looking a 3 column template... that is cute... modern and suits my life and blog. And possibly a button as well. I am willing to pay. I am fairly easy to please with designs ;) If you can help... or know someone that can let me know! I would forever be grateful!


  1. Hi Jen! Such a beautiful pic of you and hubby! If you are still in search of redesign take a look of a few that I have done.

    Lolatini Graphic & Designs

    Her Cup Runs Over


    I'm beginning to drift away of designing and more social media, so this is why the Lolatini blog is not updated. If you would like a redesign email me. Happy blog hoppin'


  2. Hiya! I am hopping on by and following you, very fun blog theme!

    Hope you will come and visit us at

    My husband also offers affordable blog designs, you can check out his porfolio and pricing on his site

    Have a fantastic day! ;)

  3. Can't help with the blog redesign, but fut blog just the same. Following you from the MBC 200 followers. Hope you'll visit my site and follow me back.

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  5. Oh. As for your looking for help. Check out my blogs of note. Design it Chic can help you out.

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