Sunday, January 1, 2012

May 2011

May was still getting used to this country and traveling if we could. We Took the kids to pisa for a day. Yes a single day. Drove down 4 hours... parked, walked to the tower, shopped, got gelatto, walked back to the car is less the 25 minutes. We then drove around livorno & camp darby. The place we were supposed to be stationed at. I fell in love. I was so jealous we were not stationed there. The beach was 10 minutes away, the post was larger, not that there was more stuff there was just more area and it was less congested.

We also had the 15 minute storm of hell. Some articles states it was a tornado. Our house and driveway as well as the road flooded. Trees and fences were destroyed. It came out of nowhere.

At the End of may we took the kids to Movieland and Aqua Studio's. Which is a mini disney here in Italy. Right near Verona.

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