Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well, october was alright! Stacey and her family were finally here. I'd been waiting since we talked on the phone months and months ago. I picked her family up from the airport and then it began. We did so much together. We went to venice and marostica. Spent a lot of time together. And since she has moved in her house we have not. I couldn't tell ya the last time. It sucks but it's whatever. It makes me sad because dan and her husband actually get along and dan hates everyone.

We hiked and made it to the top of marostica! That sign from before that i thought said do not enter- I was wrong LOL

Halloween!!! Grandma and Grandpa sent the kids their costumes! So sweet! And Dan and myself ordered costumes online. For the halloween party we attended i went as fred and he went as wilma. For the trunk or treating we went normally lol

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