Sunday, January 1, 2012


I was just talking with Dan about catching up on my blog and we realized that we had a few months that were pretty dull. He was trying to tell me what to post about each month. He is clearly not a blogger. HAHA!

In november we again, didn't do much. But it was dan's birthday. I did a birthday surprise for him. I got a sitter for the kids. In his card stated what we were going to do. I tormented him for days before hand. I even taped the card so he could not get into it and sat it right in the dining room.

We dropped the kids off and jumped on the Autostrada. At the first Autogrille I gave him his card. It stated his day.

Arrive and Lamborghini family museum where he would have a private tour with mr. fabio lamborghini. He is the nephew of ferrucio lamborghini, the creator.

After that, transfer to the location where he would drive a brand new lamborghini gallardo super light.

After his drive, we would be having lunch at a local restaurant.

Then head to the Ferrari museum to end the day.

I don't think I have ever seen him so happy. I felt like i owed him something because I was treating him like crap with my mother's ordeal. I also told him that he has to top this for my next birthday.

The museum with Fabio was amazing. I learned so much and I was actually interested. We got lambo wine! Dan drove the car, he was clearly the happiest man alive! The lunch was great as well. Now the ferrari place was so.. blah! It was all about showing off. Lambo takes much more pride in their cars and you can see this between the two places. This is the in car cam of dan driving the lambo

We also had thanksgiving. With 20 people. I was going to fly to my sister for thanksgiving but I thought long and hard and couldnt do it. Thanksgiving was my moms favorite holiday and I wanted to spend it with my sisters but how could I leave my kids on the first big holiday here.

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