Sunday, January 1, 2012

June part 2

For months I had been hiding from my family and friends that I was planning a surprise trip home! I left Venice on June 17th. I flew into JFK. My aunt was also flying in from georgia and no one knew. She flew into laguardia. My plane got delayed for 10 hours, had to reroute to DC and sat on the runway until NY weather cleared. My aunt waited for me in NYC freaking out the entire time. By the time we landed and I got my rental car, I was picking my aunt up at 2am when i was supposed to pick her up at 4. We started to drive from JFK to Syracuse ny, when we decided to just get a hotel and sleep. We woke up the next morning and drove to Syracuse because my sister was up from texas and having a baby shower. We crashed the baby shower. No one knew we were coming. My sister cried. Our family was so happy.

This also gave me two weeks to spend with my mom. We had a mom & kids sleep over. My mom had worsen since I left to come here. She had good and bad days. But for the most part was alright. We went to the casino, got family pics done and really enjoyed our time. She even wanted to make chili at 6am. We had midnight shopping trips to walmart. I had to come back to Italy at the end of june. I was really debating coming back because of moms health but dan was here with the kids and he did have to go back to work as he took leave so I could go home kid free. I talked to my moms doctors and they said she was good.. I flat out asked how long she had to live because i didn't want to leave if she was going to die. They said 6-12 months. My mom also gave me her blessing to come home. We did talk about her wishes if she were to pass before i left as I am the oldest daughter and would be taking care of everything.

My aunt and I enjoyed our two weeks there and packed up and went back to NYC where i dropped her off at laguardia and I drove back to JFK to catch my flight back to italy.

My rental car. I loved it! Awesome gas mileage!
First shopping trip! Walmart and babies r us. Needed shower gifts!

Mom and her 4 daughters at Min's shower
My sisters min and lex
Just getting to mom's house- her clock for my time! And her masque I mailed her
How I longed for this day!

My mom has never been a drinker, but on a hot summer day, this was her request. LOL. Are you going to tell someone who has busted her butt fighting cancer for 7 month she can't have a beer? Neither am I . LOL
Family dinner night!
Scrabble night with mom. My brother in law frank would be the one who put fake words down.
Mom & Jess
We had so much fun!
Also while i was in NY my friend Chelsea (former soldier at drum with Dan) drove up from NC to spend time with me and Mom. My mom just adored her. We even got to have a night on the town. I was a bit... bit... tipsy lol
Our hotel at the plaza hotel. 17th floor.

Mom and her girls
Me and mom
Min and mom
Jess and mom
Alexis and Mom
My amazingly strong mother.

This is the true sisters that we are!

Mom and aunt at the casino. She couldn't walk for long so we just brought her chair!
on our drive back to NYC

Shuttling over to my plane.

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