Sunday, January 1, 2012


Although December was another boring month. At least we had Christmas. And we tried very hard to do many home things with the kids. We made homemade serving trays, and... yup that is about it. LOL.

It didn't feel much like Christmas at all here. It was warm. No snow. Not even a crisp cold smell in the air. This was not christmas at all.

Before Santa
After Santa

The new cat, Ollie the kids got from santa
Both of my girls got special gifts from me
My very happy kiddos

We got them Kodak HD video camera's. Best money ever spent lol. They love them. They played with my mother in laws in ny and wanted one ever since.

They even got an Xbox 360 with Kinect! Spoiled little turkies!

I got dan lots of boston gear, he had to show off his new pants, slipper- and include his tat in there. lol.
This is the special gift i got the girls. Necklaces that say "Nana is always close to your heart"
The frame my mother in law sent us. I love it! It is amazing! And gives us a reason to get new family pics done. Dan does not like that idea. HAHA

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