Sunday, January 1, 2012


August wasn't anything spectacular. the first 2 weeks we spent it in NY. Then we returned and got back to our "normal" life. Dan went back to work. The kids went back to school. And here I sat. I was getting rather depressed but not showing it to anyone.

August did have 1 and only one special moment. My sister amanda. the one who i surprised at her baby shower. She was due in Sept. To have her baby. Her husband got deployed to iraq at the beginning of august. A week later, she had her son.. 4-5 weeks early. He was a preemie in the nicu. I got to meet him Via oovoo when I returned to Italy. I cried.

Yes! I look like crap, i waited up until 2:22am to get to meet my nephew Evin Anthony. I am the most proud Auntie in the world!

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