Monday, January 2, 2012

2012- Let's lose weight!

Go figure, another new year and everyone is going to make a resolution to lose weight. I do not make that resolution. The last time I went crazy losing weight, becoming a certified group fitness instructor/ zumba instructor I started in October. I did very well, maintained a very healthy weight and was very happy hanging out in my size 6 dress. Now.. moving to Italy kicked my butt! I gained some weight with the stress and depression. I have been back to going to the gym for a while. I am not doing classes which is how I lost so much last time (zumba, spin, core, kickboxing and a few others). I have lost some inches and am in my smaller pants. For me it isn't so much losing weight as inches. I am an inches person. I don't rely on the scale. It will discourage me.
I go to the gym 5-6 days a week. I go for a minimum of 60 minutes. I am there some days upwards of 3 hours. Between cardio and strength training. I am probably one of the few people who love the gym. I love waking up in the morning and going. It makes me feel so good, makes the day a whole lot better. I hate getting distracted from the gym because it screws up my entire day.
I also track my fitness and food on It helps me to keep everything in an organized place and they even have healthy recipes.
I invested in a camelbak straw water bottle. $11.50 The best investment ever! I am easily getting 80+ oz of water in my body a day and never even realize it. I also add some MIO to my water. Nothing in this substance to add empty calories and it enhances the flavor of the water. My favorite is Berry Pomegranate.
Since I am doing things at the gym I didn't do before- to include pull ups and dips on the gravitron, I went and treated myself to some gloves to protect my hands as they are getting rough. Now I just have to remember to bring them. HAHA!

We have always been a really healthy eating family except the occasional not-so-healthy treats.

Tonight however we have decided to cut vegetable oil out! We made brownies with apple sauce and cranberry bread with applesauce. They are baking right now. I'm sure they will be delicious.

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