Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lago di Garda

Lake Garda! Beautiful place in the mountains of Italy. Actually Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. I didn't know that until I had done some research. The drive isn't too bad. But driving down some of the mountains in my van is quite "Oh shit" like. The roads here are not made for big american vehicles at all. But we managed to do it without injuring my fiona. I'd be really upset if something happened to her, she is only a year old. LOL.

We put the youngest in daycare for the day and took the 3 older ones for a road trip. They were really good. We went to dinner and then walked around the part of town we landed in. It was really relaxing. The kids had a blast watching the ferry come in and being able to spot fish in the water. Being in the mountains is always touchy, as you never know if it is going to be clear or not. We did not luck out with a crystal clear day, but it was beautiful nonetheless.


Poor hubby, sun was blasting in his eyes lmao
The ferry

Poor hubby again lol

I took this picture (and the rest of course) Doesn't it look like a post card?
My kiddo's


  1. Sounds like fun!
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  2. looks like a beautiful place following you from mbc

  3. You haven't posted in awhile, hope everything is ok:) Miss your post though:(