Friday, May 6, 2011

Busy Busy

Now that my fiona is here, I am taking every chance I get to GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!

Don't get me wrong, I have a lovely house. Very large, very new, over all just gorgeous. But day after day and night after night of sitting here for weeks before I had my car, I felt like the walls were caving in on me. It was making me hate being here more. And it wasn't because of the country, it is because I am a very on the go type person. When we were at Drum, every day that it was crappy and I couldn't go anywhere or I had nothing to do, I was miserable. I LOVE to be busy. I LOVE to get out of the house.

Now that Fiona and I have had the luxury of going places, this place is so much better. I haven't even gone anywhere spectacular. Just the fact that I can go check the mail, run to get milk, take Boston to get gelato, makes life so much better! And of course, hit my new Jenns-mart... Ikea.

I am actually..... ohhh, i don't know if i want to say it.... um...... liking it here. *GASP* Now, don't take that as, I dont want to hop the first flight home and get the hell out of dodge, because if I could and I would have done it weeks ago. I don't love it here. There are some things I LOVE about this place! And of course there are some things I don't. I bet by the time rolls around for us to leave, I won't want to.

The things that are driving me bonkers right now are (lets see if there are any positive changes from my last rant)

*The fact that there are no threads on my sinks 'tap' so I can't put a brita filter on it. and when you turn it on, the damn thing sprays all funky.

*The fact that my child uses the bidet for a swimming pool.

*The stupid tax relief program. Don't even get me started

*Italian drivers. Can't tell ya how many times I've been beeped at... or been called a Puttana. Whore.

I have better news then this post, So I shall end it here for now LOL


  1. Hi Jenn :)
    I found you through the Top Military Wives voting thingy lol. We were stationed overseas in Italy too! We recently PCSed to Ft Lewis now....I Miss Italy lol.
    I still need to read through here but what station are you at?
    Oh and yes LOVE Ikea ;)

  2. Haa! I kept reading to March archives and found it! You are at the same camp we were! :D We were there for 4 yrs. Enjoy the traveling honestly. You will have a great time. When my husband was deployed the 1st time, i took both my girls on every adventure i could. The beaches, Germany, Venice, etc. Have LOADS of fun. I do understand your frustrations though. I hated it at 1st. After some traveling, i am missing it alot.

    Angela :)