Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The skeleton room

I am mainly writing about our skeleton room for my friend lee. I am sure not everyone on facebook cares about the skeleton room, but she is interested.

We have 4 levels of our house. When you take the 3rd set of steps to the 4th floor and get to the top, if you turn directly around there is a full size door right in the wall above the stairs. No way to get to it. It's an entire 5th floor of our house. We've had a friend bring over another friend just to see the skeleton room.

It's a bit creepy. Hence the name we've given it.

Dan has talked about opening the door often. I've always told him "NO!", what if there is a corpse up there? And how? How would he open it anyway. We don't have a latter and if he thinks he is buying a 60 euro latter to get into the black hole, he is out of his brain!

Last night we had some friends over. Which we do often and I love it! Well dan and Spiderman Karl decide to go up and fiddle around to see what they can do. They got it open! OMG! I was freaking out. I wouldn't even go up there. They used a hanger and some ninja moves and the door was wide open. It was just black. It didn't smell of rotting humans so I am guessing we are clear from that. But what if they disturbed a ghost? GREAT! I am not going to bed with the door wide open. Are you crazy.

After going back and forth with these children (Dan and Karl), about shutting it. I had to take it into my own hands. They said they could not shut the door. There was no way. They couldnt reach up there.

Jenn to the rescue! I taped two brooms together, handle to handle to make it super long... reached up there, pulled it closed, but it would latch shut. The handle had to be pulled down to latch it. So I got a hanger, put it on the end of the broom and went to try some maneuver to shut it. I lost the hanger to the door handle. It was just hanging there. So I got another one... lost it to the first hanger. And then got two more hangers, made a chain and pulled it shut.

I slept well.
Looking up to the 4th floor

Turning around and there is the skeleton room, notice my contraption still hanging there LMAO

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  1. quite an interesting story,lol... I doubt there is anything but a vacant area of some sort, but I am like you when it comes to things like well as u all called it a skeleton room,I get scared over stuff like that because of movies..lol..I like your hanger idea:) however my hubby I would have made go see whats in there:)Of course why I would hide....:)