Sunday, May 15, 2011


I LOVE Marostica. We made a stop by this quaint town the same day we went to Nove. Marostica is where the human chess game is played every other year. The town is within the castle walls. It was very quiet when we went there. We decided to take a hike up the trail to get to the top. Well, you see that didn't go as planned. It was blocked off. So we broke the law and jumped the gate and went up a little bit anyway. We didn't realize that we'd be hiking up a cobblestone path in flip flops! And then, come to find out we could have drove to the top and skipped all that. HAHA! Learning is what it is all about here!

Marostica is the perfect place to take amazing pictures. I love my dslr even more now that I have an opportunity to capture other places in this world. However, I've decided to upgrade to a new dslr. Can't wait! I need a few more lenses to capture the wonderful views around this country!

Here are some pictures of Marostica.

Me being american lol
Human chess board

The view of the castle during the drive.

The sign that we think said we were breaking the law
The gate we had to jump to break the law lol
And the trail

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