Monday, May 2, 2011

The joys of family...


While chatting with my sister online today we were discussing some 'things'. Nothing major. Having a really good chat. However it happened, I ended up browsing an old friends facebook page. There is a reason I am not friends with this person anymore. That is history and there is no need to broadcast it for the world to see.

While on this 'old friend's' page I read a status message. Under it had a few comments. One from my sister in law, one from my cousin... my cousin? What a small world. Well after a few comments, my sister in law and cousin decide to talk about me. My sister in law didn't say anything other then we live in italy. And my cousin went on to blab about our entire family on my 'old friends' status, which #1, the status had nothing to do with what she was blabbing about, #2, do you think anyone cares? #3, her facts were wrong.

And the fact that My sister in law said something about us living here before my cousin chimed in can only mean one of two things....

She is reading my blog.... or her mother is =) Didn't I say a while back I felt like I was being stalked? I don't mind, honest. I find it rather funny. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.

I hate that our family is at each others necks. But it's been there so long, it'll never change. Not one single member of our family will change (on either side). The only thing that I hate about it, is that by my blog they can continue to feel as though they are apart of our family and see my family, even though they chose to not be a part of it. If they want to be a part of it... all they have to do is speak up and apologize.

It doesn't hurt me. In the end its the fact, that my kids do not know their grandparents or aunt and uncle on my husbands side. They don't even know names... or if i show them a picture, they have no clue who they are.

Well my sister decided to speak up on the post, as she is a 'friend' of my 'old friend'... This should get interesting.

The joy of family drama... it never ends. I am so glad that I am an ocean away and NOT ONE single person knows my street address, that you Uncle sam for providing us with an APO address!

I also would like to *wave hello* to all in laws that are reading, to keep up with us! Hope all is well!

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