Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

Mine is quite simple this week!! I will be tackling the house! We are officially moving in tomorrow! Our house hold goods have been delivered, all the new stuff we bought has also arrived. We will be spending the day at the house today unpacking, decorating, putting furniture together. And of course enjoying the view of the Alps from our home.

Tackling the house is pretty self explanitory. I have NO IDEA where I am going to start. I do however LOVE unpacking, redecorating and setting up a new house. I am the perfect military wife because I DO LOVE MOVING. I may not like our area but the fact that we get a new house to start fresh in every few years makes me happy. And this is the biggest house we've ever lived in. 4 levels. I LOVE our house. The only thing I dislike, is the fact that there is no carpeting and I hate to mop. So I bought a swiffer wet jet lol. I have this thing with mopping. I think its gross. Even in my old houses I never used a mopped. I got buckets of water, dumped it on the floor, scrubbed on my hands and knees, used a towel to sop it up, and kept using towels (like 50 lol) and then i'd put fresh water down and repeat. I have way too much tile to be doing that in this house, I don't have 3,629 towels ;). I am also going to purchase the shark steam mop today!

I will swing by later and post some pictures of the progress!


  1. I do my floors on hands and knees as well. But I only have my kitchen/eating area and three bathrooms to do (and two of the three are teeny tiny rooms!) You are so lucky to have a new house to decorate every two years! When I was growing up, we moved a LOT (more often than every 2 years and we weren't a military family!) and I loved new houses.

  2. I too love to move, even before my husband spent '97-'05 in the Army.

  3. Here from UBP11! http://mylittlebitoflife.com/

  4. I hope you're making some progress. Housework is my least favorite thing to do. I'd rather hire somebody else to do it for me. =)