Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Debating with people about italy part 2

I am "friends" with a group on facebook. It's not a like page or an official group, it is made up like a friend where some overseas wives all talk, ask questions, get help etc. Well today a question was made and asked your favorite and least duty station. Of course I said it was Vicenza. Nothing more. "My favorite is Cherry Point, NC and my least is Vicenza" I left it at that. Someone asks why. So I told them. I mentioned about money. And if people say that things aren't more expensive here, that is a lie. About the dog going in the restaurant in Venice. The rude people. Etc. Nothing over the top. I was NOT rude by any means, and they as why I .... I didn't like it.

This has been bothering me for like an hour that's why I brought it here. I did link them here too so I am sure one of two or twenty will read it and it's okay!

Someone said, that what I said about italy was offensive. Really? Really? Because I stated things I have PERSONALLY encountered it is offensive. Okay, well I am so sorry. Get over it. I didn't say, EVERYONE feels this way. or EVERYONE hates it here.

And then there are like 11 ladies bitching about how they hate bragg. That its scum etc. Really? You don't think that maybe offensive to someone? Do you like drum? Do you like stewart? Do you like hood? Do you like lewis?

Think about this, you are NOT going to like every where you go. And just because YOU hate it there, others may not. Others may LOVE it! That is okay. And just because someone has bad experiences and shares them does not mean they are trying to be rude or disrespectful.

We don't have to love every place we go. You know it really might offend me when people say they hate drum, since I am from right by there. How pathetic does that sound? You are entitled not to love every place you go.

Stop judging people because they don't like their current duty station. Some people loved it when they got there and after time began to hate it. Others hate it when they get there and end up loving it. Some don't realize what they had until they left it. Me with Ft. drum is a prime example.

Instead of knocking people down, perhaps offering some advice maybe a better way to go about it. Although I hate it here, I would help anyone who did come here, with whatever I could. But I also wouldn't lie to them and say I love it here. My statement to them would be "I may not love it here, but you may. And here is XXXX info on something that you can do..."

More to come later....


  1. I have a friend who is a fellow military spouse here in Vicenza and she hates it here. I only find it offensive when she complains how much she hates it in front of my Italian friend. To me, that's rude. Otherwise, whatever. I love it here, but some people hate it. To each his own.