Monday, April 25, 2011

Holidays away from home

I am not a spend-the-holiday with every member of my family type girl. We keep it low key. Do our thing as a family and then when we were in NY, maybe make an appearance to see some family. Maybe not. Maybe visit them a week after or 3 days before. Depended on the weather and how much of their bickering I wanted to hear at that given time.

I love my family don't get me wrong. However, it is full of a bunch of nonsense. One of the greatest things about being over here is the fact that I am away from it all.

Over the years as a military wife, I've made my own 'family' with the other spouses and children where we were stationed.

In NY I spent christmas and thanksgiving having dinner with the other wives. I was content like that. I did my thing with the kids in the morning and then the afternoon we did our thing as a 'family'. We made it through it all okay!

Now being here, I've begun to build my family here. When you are a military spouse for some years, you can usually weed out the people you know will be nothing but a bunch of drama. Luckily, I have not found that here. I think for many reasons people here are different. We are ALL each other has. We need each other in many aspects here. It's different then the states.

This Easter we did easter morning home with the kids. They got their baskets and then it was over. LOL. It didn't much feel like easter, i'm not quite sure why. Perhaps the fact that it was hotter then hell could have factored in. We are not used to that. We usually have snow.

Easter afternoon we went over to Maria's with some member's of out 'new family' and Maria and her husband cooked us a very delicious dinner! We joked around, harassed each other, and I personally haven't laughed that much since getting here. It was a great day!

So, we had a mishap with the cake, but we are past that now. Maria got us this italian cake, shaped like a bunny. She started hacking pieces off and giving them to the kids and then all the adults. I took a bite (10 minutes after the kids has been munching away) and it tasted funny. There was liquor in it! Not just a little bit, there was some serious liquor in it. The kids pieces were pretty much gone. Thank goodness they has a paw of the bunny which was less-liquor-filled. We were laughing so hard. Oh my goodness it was just hilarious! And I will probably never let maria live that one down!

It's all a learning experience here. And it CAN be fun. And some times its not. And your kids may end up drunk in the process. But we are making it... one day at a time!


  1. That is flippin hilarious Girl! Haha! And last Easter we didn't have snow - we have chilly winds blowing on us as we hung out at Remington Pond! ;)

  2. Lol, thats funny. Glad you had a great Easter.