Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I decided to go with 3 winners for this drawing! I apologize for the delay in drawing names, I didn't realize that when I started it I would be moving the very next day!

SARA from welcometotheblogofanarmywife

TAM TAM--- I know you ;) lol

And last but not least! Michelle from Home with michelle

Congrats to all winners! You have 24 hours to contact me at with what you'd like from scentsy.

You can pick any item from the current catalog (ie, warmer, buddy, multi-pack of bars)

If you choose a buddy it comes with 1 scent pack

You can choose a single warmer or you may choose any system up to $40.

Please visit MY SCENTY SITE to select your item!!


  1. YAY!! Thank you for this awesome giveaway!! I will look at your site and let you know!! Thanks again!!

  2. Girl - you are simply too good! Your followers have been waiting with baited breath for you to return with your adventures! Myself included ;)

  3. I am so EXCITED to have WON!!! I have been following your blog, and really enjoy it!!! I am so HAPPY:) to have won a product I have been wanting to try so BAD!!!

  4. I received my scentsy items today, thank you so much, I loved winning this giveaway:)

  5. The UPS man just delivered my stuff. Scentsy is SO fast!! Thank you thank you thank you!! I blogged about it! :)

  6. I received mine today! Roarbert is awesome!!! Thank you so much Jenn! Your giveaways are always great!