Tuesday, April 26, 2011

... 5

5 years ago, today my first son Kaiden was born! I still remember walking down the hall at the Naval Hospital in Cherry Point, North Carolina ready to have my son. I also remember the 14 hours of labor to end up with a c-section, because he wanted to come out in a not so traditional way (would could have cause neck injuries). I should have known then and there he would be my difficult child ;). Not really, he is a very sweet little man with an imagination beyond my wildest dreams. And smart, smart doesn't even begin to explain him. He does have a speech delay, but has been in speech therapy for over a year now, almost 2. His speech delay never slowed him down. He knew how to add at 4 years, 5 months. I was stunned one evening while we were doing his 1st grade sisters home work and I was speaking about math and asked what X+X=? without any delay kaiden just said what it was. I probably looked like I has saw a ghost. So I asked him a few more, and he knew it all. Little smarty pants!

Here is kaiden 5 years ago, ahhh, the peace we had back then ;)

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