Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Debating with people about italy part 1

It truly cracks me up!

I can justify everything I have to say about Italy to myself. I also try to explain why I feel certain ways.

At first when I got here I didn't give it a shot at all. Now, I still don't love it here as I've said before but I can survive.

I got into a lengthy phone call with my best friend Kate back home yesterday. And this was the first time I was talking about italy and explaining things in a different way.

American's are spoiled. We are. You might not think we are. But trust me, we are. We have roadrunner, you have your dvr and cable. Everything is fast paced. You want something done it happens very quickly. That is not the case here.

Just because you LOVE italy. or you love europe. Or you loved spain. Or guam. Or germany. DOES NOT MEAN I HAVE TO. OR I WILL. I am happy you had a great experience, but we are different people.. and for all you know things could have changed since you or your friend or you friends, neighbors, 2nd cousin once removed was here. You cannot compare me... or my experience to you. We are different people with different beliefs and lifestyles. Thats what makes the world turn, the diversity. LOVE IT!

First off there are a couple of quick fixes if you do not like that I am not happy in this country. You can unfriend me from facebook, trust me it won't hurt my feelings, like it does to other people. and you can stop reading my blog. These choices are up to you. If you want to follow our journey, the UPS and DOWNS then i invite everyone along. If you can't handle my bitching, Ciao!

I am sharing with everyone MY personal experience. I'm never stating you WILL encounter these things. or you WILL feel the same way. But you might.

When I was talking to kate I went through to explain some things to her. I don't know what it is about my bestest but I can just explain things well to her! Probably because she is my bestest.

Lets start with public transportation. In the states I never took public transportation. Why? I always had a car. I was spoiled. My thoughts was that only poor, broke people took public transportation. I now think of that differently. Public transportation is used differently here then in the states. Everyone uses it. It's not the panhandlers coming on the bus trying to mooch money off of you. It really is different. It is OKAY to use it! And I don't mind!

Here is another thing I've noticed my thoughts on change. In the states when there was someone who spoke another language I would think to myself, damn it, you are in america, speak our language. That was ignorant on my part. I didn't think anything of it at the time. But being here has opened my eyes. It's not easy to learn the language of where you are. I don't know much Italian. I know enough to get me by when needed. I am trying, just as other people would (i hope) be trying in america. We can't expect people to learn our language over night, just as i can't learn this one over night.

I'll be back shortly to write more.

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  1. Bravo! Good for you on calling a spade a spade Girl! You are your own person and you are right - others cannot compare themselves to you. Keep writing and thinking! I love it!