Monday, February 28, 2011

Fixer for Fiona

So I took my fiona... Oh wait you haven't been properly introduced

This is fiona.

I took my fiona in for a car inspection. While there I decided to get her some new shoes tires and accessories brakes.

When I left she was making this awful noise. Sounded like I had a bird chirping under my car. I took her back in. They said it was a ball joint defrosting. Otherwise known as the winter crunch. It would go away. Monday rolls around still there and I wasn't happy. So I took her to another salon repair place and had them look at her. They said it was the backing plate for the rotor. However with it raining the sound wasn't as distinct as before. So new brakes on the back from this shop. I'm on my way. 5 hours later. The bird was still haunting me. I called them and they told me to come back. So I did Tuesday morning. Which also happened to be very nice out. The bird was even worse. Well long story short. This was the problem

When the first people lifted my car they did it from the frame and not the lift points. When the lowered it the jarred the exhaust. Causing these two pieces to rub. Causing that god awful noise.

The bird has been freed! And my sanity is somewhat still here.

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