Monday, February 21, 2011

Clearing our house.. You have no idea!

If you've never lived the military life, this is probably going to sound ridiculous to you. Scratch that, it's ridiculous to me!

We've cleared 6 houses in our military life.

House #1- We cleaned ourself.. FAIL. Tried again... FAIL.. hired cleaner cost us $200.. Passed
House #2- We cleaned ourself.. Passed
House #3- We cleaned with the help of my mom... Passed
House #4- We cleaned ourselves.. Passed
House #5- Hired a cleaning crew because hubby was deployed. Cost us $300 dollars... we walked away free and clear and the passing was on them

Now house #6 is the house we live in. This used to be military housing. The army turned it over to private back last october. We stayed here because we were getting a good deal. No security deposit. They wrote off any and all damages at that time. We also paid a $450 non-refundable bond to walk out of here free and clear at then end.

Well, "The End" is now here. And I walk into give them my notice of vacating. And they recommend getting a cleaner. Fine, no problem! I would have hired a cleaner anyway because I don't have the time. However, the cleaner... Serve Pro, charges for cleaning & carpet shampooing. So to clear house #6... is $600 dollars! You are have got to be out of your rabbit ass mind! I am paying it though. Not that I want to, trust me on that. I had to find a way to justify the cost. Between the bond and cleaning, it still doesn't equal what a deposit would have been. I don't have to worry about it. And you don't pay until they pass you. So I know I am passing my clearing on the 28th.

Living in military housing is the BEST! and the WORST! You don't have to pay any utilities, you meet some wonderful people, you meet some horrible people, you know your stuff is going to be fixed (even if it is with duct tape), but the rules, regulations and cleaning is a real pain. We have a roof over our heads and that is what matters. Because at this time in my husbands career we cant buy a house because we have at least 2 more moves before we are ready to settle down. And renting a house that is ours out, is just not for us.

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