Friday, February 25, 2011

What a day!

It's been a long day. A Good day! A very productive day! I knew this day was coming. I didn't realize weeks or months ago, how fast it would creep up on us.

We completely moved everything out of the place we called 'home' for the last X amount of years. It was our home. We made it our home. It was the longest house we've ever lived in since Dan started his military career. It was the house I liked the best out of all our houses!

Again, my neighbors daughters helped me tremendously with all the work. Those poor girls are probably beat! I appreciate their help more then the $$ I pay them!

We are now checked into our 'hotel' which is actually a little studio apartment. It's quite cute and nice. It'll do the trick for the week we are here. The kids have settled in nicely and went right to sleep without any issues.

Tomorrow we do the last trip to the dump and our house will be ready to clear the military on monday.

The suitcases lines up in the living on the 'wall'

That 'wall' after they were gone

The van packed. Where are going to stick the children?

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