Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why did I wake up today?


Why did I get up this morning? I woke up on the wrong side of the futon. Go ahead and laugh. Sleeping on the futon sucks! I am over it. I had to get up extra early today on the winter recess, why?

Let me begin!

Passport/visa's screwed up our visa process. YEAH! They call me YESTERDAY to tell me, we are leaving in a week. They needed us to fill out ANOTHER consent form for the kids. Fine, I did it.

Went to travel to get our tickets. Perfect. All set.

Come home to get the house in order. Pit stop. make a phone call to USAA to cancel the car insurance on Dan's sold car. I get a beep.. didn't answer it.

2 hours later, a retirement account, college funds and two new bank accounts, I am off the phone with USAA.

Call this number back. It's the travel office. Apparently there is an embargo from Amsterdam to Italy. great! Cat can't fly. Perfect. Oh yeah and NOW is when they tell us we have to pay for our own luggage when it is stated they are paying for it on the orders. I flip out. Dan flips out. He hangs up on them. I call back, figure out we can take another air line (MAYBE) So call the airline, confirm that yes the cat can fly. But now we are going through Germany. Okay. Call travel back. Tell them to switch us. They say it can take 72 hours to let us know if its been accepted. If not we can't take our cat. GREAT! 6 minutes.. SIX minutes later, they call us back. ACCEPTED! PHEW! Now we are flying Lufthansa instead of delta. Flying out 4 hours later... have a 5 hour lay over in Germany and arrive at dinner time. Whatever. JUST GET ME THERE!

now.. Where the heck in this mess of a day am I?

Well, thanks to my neighbors kids, lots of success with the clearing of the house! Those girls are amazing. And I paid them $$. LOL

So this evening I was supposed to go to the last FRG meeting I could for this unit. Not that I enjoy being around them, I don't... but I do like to make them wiggle. Me just being there probably makes their skin crawl. I'm okay with that.

Well, the douche bag that was supposed to do my husbands NCO-ER for his final out day in TWO days, emails it to us last night. LAST FREAKING NIGHT. So today it has to be signed. Well, he waits. waits. waits... and waits. The guy who he needed to sign it, never shows. He needed it signed to go to S-1 TODAY because it is closed tomorrow. And Friday is his final out. So, 630 rolls around, FRG meeting is over. Husband pulls in the driveway WITHOUT clearing s-1. YEAH! So now what?
I gave Dan 3 options-

1- he goes in and demands they do his paper work.
2- he makes the dumbass who slacked on his NCO-ER go to s-1 and demand they do it

OR 3- I go in there and get it done. THE RIGHT WAY :)

He doesn't want me to go in there

So we will see what happens tomorrow.

I missed the frg meeting. So I went and picked up Tammy and we headed to the PX for some retail therapy. I got new guess sun glasses and Captain Morgan. Went to the com and got chocolate cheesecake. My life is complete.

If today is any sign of what is to come. Screw you all. I quit!


  1. Blah blah blah!
    Love ya Girl!!

  2. Oh, man! And I thought our move overseas was a nightmare... You're almost there, Jenn. Not much longer. I'm going to miss you terribly, but I'm ready to see you go because that means the torture for you guys has ended. Big hugs to you all!