Monday, February 21, 2011

17 days out

Well here we are. 4 days before we leave our house for the hotel. 17 days before our feet hit the grounds of Vicenza.

I am NOT excited to be living in a hotel for 2 weeks with 4 kids. We have lucked out with finding a studio apt. type hotel here in NY and in NJ.

We are supposed to head to NJ next friday the 4th. We are planning on taking the kids through NYC before we head out. We have plans to see Thomas and Friends at madison square garden and head to the Statue of Liberty. We'd be crazy to be a half hour away and not take advantage of it.

Now.. WHERE ARE OUR VISA's??? If we dont get our visa's by next wens, we are going no where. LOL. It's been 2 1/2 weeks since they sent the visa's out. I know its out of our control but come on now. I am impatient!

I am getting so excited! I cannot wait to start this new journey. After all I've had to personally do to get this all situated and ready go, I just want to be there already.

There is so much 'last minute' stuff to do around our house before we hit the road... I have faith that we CAN do it, we don't have much choice now do we???

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