Saturday, February 11, 2012

Other holiday treats

For my friend alex's halloween party I made yummy eyeball treats!

Peanut butter balls
Large tub of PB & 1 cup softened butter mixed up...
6ish cups of confections sugar (more or less for texture)
Add slowly, mix up.
Roll into balls, put in freezer for 1 hour

Dip in melted white chocolate ( a bag or two of white chocolate chips) - this is quite the task
Then decorate like an eyeball. with liquor gel decorator stuff in the candy aisle.

For Christmas I made edible candy serving trays.
Line up starlight mints in whatever shape your heart desires ON parchment paper- not wax paper--- lesson learned!
Bake at 350` for about 7 minutes. Let cool. And use to serve treats. We put goodies on wrapped nicely with saran wrap and ribbon and delivered to our italian neighbors.

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