Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What an update!

It has been so long since I've made a really great updated blog post. I am glad to say that is because we are really enjoying being here. I actually LOVE it here now. We've explored so many wonderful things! And I landed a job at the DoDDs school on post!

I love my job. The kids are all well and I'm really loving life! So we all know what that means... something will come along and screw that up at any given time! HA!

So, Rome and the Zip was the last things I really shared.

I'm trying to think of where else we've been since then. In no particular order

We took the girls on a safari-- June 2012
 Dan's team came in 2nd in the october-test challenge --october 2012
 We went to Germany again. And went to Neuschwanstein castle- the real disney castle! -- October 2012
 We went on a pirate ship cruise to venice. Jan 2013.
 Took the kids on our first family skiing/ snowboarding trip. Feb 2012- Paganella, Italy
 I sent balloons to mom- July 2012- 1 year since she left this earth. 
 The girls sang with american idols. -- July 2012
 We had our first halloween party- october 2012
 Germay- disney castle
 The kids got ipads and 3ds' for christmas
 We went to sirimione castle June 2012
 Spent our 10th wedding anniversary kid free at a thermal spa for the night. 
 Safari friend! 
 Took the kids to medieval times
 I went home and surprised my nephew for his first birthday in New York. August 2012
 Pirate Cruise. 
 Had our first snow fall in italy. Feb 2012
 Christmas pajamas
 American idols. 
 I also coached 8-9 year old cheerleading Jan to march 2013

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