Monday, June 25, 2012


For Memorial Day weekend we decided to take a trip to Rome!!!

This was the first time we ventured on an overnight trip here. I know how scary the hotels are so I was very nervous. We couldn't find a hotel with a single room to fit our family, so we opted to stay 10 minutes outside of Rome in a cottage. Best choice we've ever made! It was super cute. Perfect size and there was (unknown at time of booking) a bedrock themed kids restaurant directly across the way. We stayed for 3 days. What a blast! None of the kids complained as we had them walking... and walking... and walking.

We saw the Colosseum, pantheon, trevi fountain, roman forum, and even THE POPE!

Just a short 5 hour trip from our house
The cool restaurant.

Court yard at our cottage
On the Metro

roman forum

Gelato on the street
Trevi fountain

Inside the pantheon

The Pope blessing the crowd in St. Peter's square


  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

    1. Hotels in Italy are the most gorgeous hotels in the whole world. Not because of its wonderful great hotels but the scenery and the sights of it.